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Tooth Whitening Strips

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Tooth whitening strips for Seattle cosmetic dentists are becoming more and more common. They are very easy to use and require little or no preparation. You simply pull them off of their backing and place them on your teeth. They can be used on both your upper and lower teeth.

A lot of people find the strips easy to use and comfortable. They are usually left on the teeth for at least thirty minutes – and this is carried out twice a day. Trials with the strips on children and adolescents showed very good results. They were simple enough that young children could even apply them themselves. The small amount of time needed to apply and use the strips was also a feature. Most children and adolescents do not have time or patience required to wear whitening trays.

Tooth whitening strips do have some flaws, despite their popularity. They do not adhere entirely across the teeth. Edges and grooves do not make contact and thus do not get any whitening. The spaces between the teeth can still appear dark and stained as compared to the new whiteness on the front surface of your teeth. Most Seattle cosmetic dentists agree that greater whiteness is still achieved from whitening trays. Also, many people find that it requires multiple boxes of the tooth whitening strips to attain their desired result. When the strips are continually overlapping onto the gums, they can cause gum sensitivity. A yellowish stripe can develop on the teeth, under the gums, if the strip is placed too low. Furthermore, due to some of their ingredients, strips have a very limited storage time, and can expire quickly.