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At Brookside Dental, we’re recognized throughout the community for our dedication to providing high-quality dentistry in a comfortable, convenient environment. That’s why our dentists in Bellevue, WA are proud to introduce the latest technology in our dental practice: The CEREC milling machine.

What is CEREC?

Standing for “Chairside Economical Restorations Esthetic Ceramic,” CEREC allows our dentists to sculpt and place your dental crown or other restoration in just one visit. This means:

  • You can say “goodbye” to temporaries
  • You will start smiling in just one visit
  • You’ll no longer have to deal with goopy, messy impressions

Why Will You Love CEREC Same-Day Crowns?

Let Brookside Dental give you three reasons why!
Smile Faster

CEREC is the modern technology that finally allows our Bellevue dentists to craft your permanent crown or other restorations in less than two hours – instead of weeks. You’ll walk out of here with a beautiful smile in no time!

Goodbye Temporaries

Gone are the days of having to wear temporaries while waiting weeks for the lab to craft your permanent restoration. Under the expert care of experienced dentistry, you can get your restoration placed immediately.

Digital Impressions

CEREC is all digital! Instead of dealing with uncomfortable goopy impressions, we can digitally scan your broken tooth to recreate your new smile.

‘‘I've been going to Brookside for years now. They do a great job, and do everything they can to make you comfortable, and satisfied with your experience. If you dread the dentist because of fear of pain, they are the place to go.

Beth C., Actual Patient

How Does CEREC Work?

Modern technology combined with the finest materials make same-day crowns possible.

Our Bellevue dentists are known throughout the Pacific Northwest for creating beautiful, lasting smiles. It’s no wonder they are consistently voted as Seattle’s top cosmetic dentist! With CEREC technology, they can deliver high-quality dentistry faster.

How does the technology work?

  • Step 1: A special wand is used to create the digital impressions of your damaged tooth.
  • Step 2: The digital impressions are transferred to the computer and a 3D model of your tooth is created.
  • Step 3: The 3D design is created through the milling machine right in our office, which uses durable porcelain material.
  • Step 4: The new tooth is created and placed by one of our dentists.
  • Step 5: You get to leave our office with a new tooth!
Start Smiling Faster with CEREC Technology!
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