Comprehensive (aka Holistic) Dentistry

Learn how comprehensive dentistry with our Bellevue dentists makes having a great smile less expensive, easier, and all-encompassing.

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More Than Just Fixing Teeth

Learn how our holistic approach makes dentistry fit your needs and lifestyle:

  • Takes less time out of life
  • Drastically reduces costs of overall dental work
  • Prevents problems from developing in the first place
  • Makes sure every section of your smile is healthy and harmonized with your facial features

 Actual Patient of Brookside Dental

Your Smile—Doing It Right The First Time

Comprehensive dentistry focuses on YOU: what aspects of your personality your smile will convey, how long your smile will look bright and youthful, and how your whole-body health will be improved.

Keeping the care of your teeth close to our heart thanks to comprehensive dentistry


Most don’t know how your smile and gums can affect your overall health. Our comprehensive dentistry experts take a proactive approach to help you avoid migraine headaches, heart disorders, and tooth-loss later in life.

A pair of leaves illustrating the holistic approach to comprehensive dentistry at Brookside Dental.


Holistic means that we take into consideration your whole circumstances before we offer solutions. Our goal is the same as your goal: to have a naturally healthy smile that is appealing and will make you feel great for as long as you live.

No two smiles are the same as illustrated by an icon of a smile.


To make your smile worth caring for, we uphold your birthright to have a stunning smile that matches the shape of your face, the natural size of your teeth, the color of your eyes, and the tone of your skin. 

‘‘I am treated like family and love it!! If you are looking for a new dental office, these guys are definitely worth checking out. The service is impeccable and they are always willing to work with my crazy schedule!

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‘‘I've been going to Brookside Dental since I first moved to the area back in 2001. They are worth it in every way! The people that work there are great and the service is always ''red carpet''! Definitely wouldn't go anywhere else!

Adriana V, actual patient review of our comprehensive dentists on Facebook

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Why Comprehensive Dentistry Makes Sense

If you live on a tight schedule and you have grown tired of fixing dental problem after dental problem, you may be interested in learning about a smarter way of doing dentistry—the holistic way.

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What Makes Comprehensive Dentistry Different?


For example, to help you protect and maintain your healthy smile, we make custom-fit night guards and sports guards to protect teeth from nighttime grinding and from the hits you may receive playing sports.

Starting Young

We provide a fun and safe environment for your children (and your children's children) to be proactive about their oral health even if their parents were at one time afraid of the dentist.

Thorough Exams

During your visits, we use the highest-grade technology to make sure you feel completely comfortable. From digital x-rays and intraoral cameras to comprehensive screenings for oral cancer, we help protect you from potentially dangerous and costly problems.

All photos are actual patients of Brookside Dental

  • A systematic approach
    Comprehensive or holistic dentistry focuses on restoring whole-health function and beauty step-by-step.

    For example, some who have only gone to the dentist whenever something needed to get fixed are left with a hodgepodge of dental work from various dentists over a span of many years. Due to the differing materials used on your smile and the varying experiences at these dental offices, they may have developed worse dental problems or even a fear or apprehension of going to the dentist.

    Comprehensive dentistry helps restore balance for your oral health and for you. Our whole-health experts, Dr. Corie and Dr. Steven will often times work in quadrants, systematically healing and restoring sections of the mouth to take care of multiple teeth in a single appointment.

    Click here to learn more about how our Bellevue dentists perform quadrant dentistry.

  • The highest qualifications
    Dr. Corie and Dr. Steven are award winning cosmetic dentists in Bellevue.

    With a focus on holistic dentistry, we perform comprehensive examinations to detect problems while they are small to make sure they do not become big expenses in the future.

    Has it been a long time since you last visited the dentist? No matter how many years have passed, our restorative work will rejuvenate your smile by matching your facial features and your personality. Not only that, the materials we use and the proactive hygiene and maintenance we encourage will make sure your smile stays healthy and attractive for years to come.

  • A predictable smile that you will love

    The goal of comprehensive dentistry is to be proactive about your oral health.

    Our comprehensive dental services go hand-in-hand with the care and attention you give to your oral health. As you can see in our Smile Gallery, our aim is to help our patients love their smile so much that they will put the effort in to take care of it!

Healthier | Enduring | Stronger

Holistic Smiles

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