Smiling Girl with White Teeth and Red Lips

Smiling Girl with White Teeth and Red Lips

Bellevue Dentist Dr Cynthia Pauley says focus on your smile. Your mouth is a complex system and many scientists believe that gum disease can potentially influence other parts of your body and have harmful effects. Therefore, take care of yourself by focusing on your smile. If you have a vibrant and beautiful smile it indicates that you have a healthy mouth and this in turn should be good for other parts of your body. If you your smile is right, you will feel right also.
There are many things that you can do with the help of your cosmetic dentist to improve your smile if there is anything that needs improvement. Research indicates that a majority of people are either not happy with their current smile or would like to improve their smile to make it more beautiful. Also remember that according to current research that having a beautiful smile, even if it is cosmetically improved, will make you appear more attractive and popular with the opposite sex. You will seem more intelligent, interesting and successful. Additionally, remember that research indicates that attractive smiles can help get you a more rewarding job and more friends. Most people want to associate with attractive and successful individuals.
It is not surprising that people’s teeth and their smiles are so highly valued when surveying both women and men, because it is one of the first things about people that are noticed when first meeting. Most people quickly notice a beautiful or handsome smile, but they also notice a very poor smile. A poor smile is greatly accented if there are missing, crooked or discolored teeth. In consultation with your Bellevue Cosmetic Dentist you can choose one or more of the following options to change your smile.

•Brighten your teeth with whitening, bonding or porcelain veneers.
•Restore chips and cracks in teeth and close spaces between teeth.
•Straighten crooked, twisted or crowded teeth.
•Alter the shape, width and length of your teeth so they blend with your gums and lips.
•Change the contour your gum line with a soft laser to eliminate a “gummy” smile.

There are many other things that can be done to improve your smile, but these things can eliminate many of the problems that prevent you from having an attractive and beautiful smile. For additional information about changing your smile contact Dr Pauley at info@brooksidedental.com.