Stained Teeth

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Stained Teeth, which can be embarrassing to their owners may be changed into beautiful smiles by your Bellevue Cosmetic Dentist or Seattle Cosmetic Dentist. Porcelain veneers have become one cosmetic dental option that many people choose because the veneers are permanently white and also can correct crooked teeth and remove gaps that exist between teeth.

However, not everyone is willing to commit to the cost of a full-mouth Extreme Makeover of his or her smile. If you are pleased with the basic shape and appearance of your teeth, but wish that they were whiter, then the least expensive option to change and brighten your smile is Tooth Whitening by bleaching. Teeth Whitening also is the least invasive way to correct stains that may hide your smile and if the in-office tooth bleaching method is used, it is one of the fastest ways to cosmetically change your smile.

Several factors may lead to stained teeth, including the natural processes of normal aging, and eating foods and beverages. Genetically, some teeth may have a tendency to be gray, off white or yellow in appearance. Some people just naturally have brighter enamel than other people do. The amount of calcium in your teeth plays an important role in tooth color along with other nutritional factors. Some antibiotics can discolor your teeth, which often happens when these medicines are taken as a child while your teeth are still growing. Two antibiotics that cause the worst tooth discoloration and staining are tetracycline and minocycline.

Other things that can cause severe discoloring of teeth occur with cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking. Chewing tobacco is extremely detrimental to the color of your teeth. Additionally, all types of tobacco are inimical to your general overall health and should be avoided. Drinking red wine can contribute significantly to the discoloration and staining of your teeth. Other beverages such as coffee, tea, and some soft drinks with certain coloring dyes can cause tooth staining and darkening of the teeth. Tooth damage can occur over a long period of time from the sugar we eat, which can aide in the alteration of tooth color by changing the enamel structure of the teeth. Regular tooth care and regular use of whitening agents can help to improve the color of your teeth. While modern toothpastes can assist in removing minor surface stains on teeth, deep tooth stains are best handled by whitening agents prescribed by your Bellevue Cosmetic Dentist or Seattle Cosmetic Dentist. If you’re using a whitening agent, remember to brush your teeth regularly. This helps ameliorate any long-term chemical effects following the use of Tooth Whitening and bleaching agents.

Improving stained teeth can sometimes prove to be very difficult. Discussing the various options available to you with your Bellevue Cosmetic Dentists or Seattle Cosmetic Dentists is an effective way to learn about the most modern dental techniques that will remove stains from your teeth. In-office whitening of teeth is the fastest way to bleach teeth, but it is also the most expensive method. At-home Teeth Whitening is less expensive but requires a longer time to yield the same results as in-office bleaching. Over-the-counter Tooth Whitening agents are the least expensive method of bleaching and they are also the least effective method of Teeth Whitening. You should talk to your Bellevue Cosmetic Dentists or Seattle Cosmetic Dentists before beginning any Tooth Whitening program, because not all teeth are good candidates to be bleached. Yellow teeth are the best candidates for whitening, while brownish teeth are the next best candidates. Grey and dark-gray to blackish teeth are very difficult to bleach and may require porcelain veneers to correct the color of them.

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