Are you too embarrassed to smile because of discolored, missing, or crooked teeth? If so, give Brookside Dental a chance to do a smile makeover for you. We offer only the latest techniques in dental care. Brookside Dental and the entire staff are trained to fully utilize the capabilities of advanced technology to give you the smile of your dreams.

If porcelain veneers are the answer for you, we can usually give you a new look in just two visits. Porcelain veneers are frequently the treatment of choice because of their natural appearance and durability. They add strength to your teeth when they are bonded using the latest adhesive technology. We can correct coloration, broken or chipped teeth, and misalignment of teeth. If there are gaps between your teeth, or if your teeth have worn down with age, porcelain veneers can make them look like new.

We also offer painless and affordable smiles using non-orthodontic tooth alignment. This artistic combination of crowns, bridges, and veneers creates the appearance of straight teeth without the need of wearing braces for years. Cosmetic orthodontics is a specialty of Dr. Pauley. You will find smiling is natural when you have your new look.

Many people have stained teeth due to drinking coffee or tea. At Brookside Dental, you can have the stains removed in as little as one hour and enjoy smiling again. Some treatments may require additional treatment, but you will look forward to being pampered by our staff. Give us a call at 1-425-643-2818 to set your appointment for a Seattle smile makeover.