People often don′t visit their dentist regularly because of the perceived high cost of dental treatment. Seattle Dentists and Bellevue Dentists fees may vary considerably for the same procedure. Each dentist sets their fees independently from all other dentists. Exceptions to this occur when several dentists are in either a partnership or an associate arrangement. In these cases, the dentists working in the same office will have the same fees for all of their dental procedures. Sometimes patients will not get needed work by a dentist whose advice they trust, because they feel the dental treatment costs exceed what they can afford or what they may have budgeted for dental work. If the dentist tells the patient some minor work should be done, the patient will often put off doing the work, making the situation probably worse when it is addressed at a later date. Dental problems often develop slowly and if there is not any pain, people wrongly will perceive that dental attention is not needed at that time. Pain is in fact often the only thing that convinces some patients that something is wrong in their mouth. When a small painless cavity invades deeper into a tooth and pain necessitates a visit to the dentist after a long period of time that may be months or even years, dental fees will become unimportant to the patient. When the cavity is deep enough to reach the nerve, the patient may begin to be sensitive to hot or cold fluids. At the time of almost unbearable pain is when the patient will decide to call and schedule a visit with their dentist. They will be surprised to find out that they are going to need an exam and one or two X–rays. If a root canal is needed the patient may need to be seen a specialist called an endodontist. After the root canal, you will need a build–up and crown to restore and protect the tooth. Regular exams and treatment of a small cavity at its earliest detection would have saved the patient several hundred dollars in fees from their Seattle Family Dentist or Bellevue Family Dentist. This very frequently occurring dental scenario illustrates how trying to save a small amount of money regarding a small dentistry problem can lead to considerably more complex problems that will cost much more in both their time and money. This expensive scenario might have been prevented by regular visits to a dentist.

Here are a few tips to help you manage your dental costs:

  • Visit your Seattle Family Dentist or Bellevue Family Dentist for an examination every six months
  • Have your teeth cleaned every six months
  • Follow the home care guidelines given to you by your dentist and dental hygienist
  • Choose a Seattle Dentist or a Bellevue Dentist that will accept you current dental insurance plan and submit claims for you
  • Do not assume that all dentistry is of the same quality, examine the Dentists patient testimonials and credentials
  • Do not choose a dentist based just on very low fees, find out what average dental fees are in your area for your treatment procedures
  • Do not rely on insurance company UCR quotes as a reliable guide to fair dental fees in your area
  • Insurance UCR quotes vary between most companies for the same dental procedure not only in every area, but within the same geographic area
  • There is no government regulation of UCR quotes, therefore these quotes are not useful or current
  • UCR quotes are always on the low side of what actual average and fair prices are for a geographic area
  • For each treatment option get the pluses and minuses, as well as what alternative treatments are available
  • Get a written treatment plan from your dentist with all the costs before you start any treatment
  • For extensive treatment, see if the planned treatment can be spread over time, such as two years to take advantage of additional insurance payments
  • Know exactly which dental procedures your insurance will pay and if there are any exclusions in your policy
  • For example, most cosmetic work is excluded by insurance companies
  • Pay by a major credit card, which are accepted by most Seattle Dentists and Bellevue Dentists for payment
  • Find out what type of third party financing plans your dentist has available for extensive dental treatment
  • Be sure to check the credentials of your dentist, look at their testimonial information, and get satisfied referrals from friends and relatives
  • If you are planning extensive Cosmetic Dentistry, ask to see before and after smile photos of patients treated by your dentist
  • See article Quality Dentistry at Brookside Dental

These guidelines will help you control your dental costs and achieve the quality of dental health that you desire.