Dr. Cynthia Pauley Brookside Dental honored as Top Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Cynthia Pauley – Honored as a Bellevue WA Top Cosmetic Dentist Brookside Dental


Dr Brian Cave and Dr Cynthia Pauley, of Brookside Dental, Bellevue, WA, were selected IN 2019 AS Top Dentists by both Seattle Met Magazine and USA TOPDENTISTS.  This is the Ninth Consecutive year that both Dr Cave and Dr Pauley have been selected as Top Dentists in Bellevue, WA, by these two organizations.  The Bellevue Dentists selection for these prestigious honors last year in 2018 was discussed in our blog for both Seattle Met Magazine as Top Dentists for the eight straight years, as well as USA TOPDENTISTS for eight years. Their selection for these awards also has been documented in a press release about the dentists.

Dr Cave and Dr Pauley, of Brookside Dental, Bellevue, WA, selection as 2019 Top Dentists by Seattle Met Magazine was in both the General Dentist and the Cosmetic Dentist categories.  The selections are based upon the very high quality of dentistry that Dr Cave and Dr Pauley provide to their dental patients.  Both dentists design beautiful smiles using state of the art modern cosmetic dentistry techniques as well as providing excellent preventative and restorative dentistry for the entire family.  Most recently they have been using the modern technique of Cerec for crowns and bridges. They put a strong emphasis on preventative dentistry as well as creating beautiful smiles for people.  The beautiful smiles that they create can be seen in the Brookside Dental Smile Gallery.  In addition to this being the ninth Top Dentist Honor from both Seattle Met Magazine and USA Top Dentists, both Dr Cave and Dr Pauley have been selected for several other honors for their outstanding family and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Brian Cave

Dr Brian Cave – Top Cosmetic Dentist, Brookside Dental, Bellevue, WA 

Top Dentist Selection and Listing Criteria

The USA Top Dentists website lists outstanding dentists from various parts of the United States. Both general dentists and specialty dentists are among those listed as USA Top Dentists. This is a very desirable honor in the dental field because listings are made by recommendations of other dental professionals.  These honors cannot be purchased and there are not any payments required for the listing as a USA Top Dentist.  The Seattle Met Magazine Top Dentist listing criteria is based on an extensive survey of dental professionals in the general dentistry field as well as all of the various dental specialty fields. Inclusion on the Seattle Met Magazine Top Dentists Select List is composed of the best dentists as selected by dentistry peers from four Washington State Counties in the Puget Sound Region. The Bellevue dentists, Dr Cynthia Pauley and Dr Brian Cave, have their professional listings available in the Top Dentists Section of the Seattle Met Magazine website which has additional dentistry information available on the magazine website. There is no fee or charge for inclusion on the Top Dentist List and listing as a Seattle Met Magazine Top Dentist is only acquired by recognition of peer dental professionals.  Both dentists at Brookside Dental  have been delivering outstanding top dentistry to their patients for about twenty-five years. Dentists with the highest average ratings are vetted for active dental licenses and good standing in Washington State before they are selected for the final Top Dentist Listing.

Additional detailed information about these two Top Dentists, Dr Cynthia Pauley and Dr Brian Cave, may be obtained at their Brookside Dental website at https://www.brooksidedental.com or on their dentistry blog.  Examples of the beautiful cosmetic dentistry that these dentists have done for people may be seen by going directly to their website Smile Gallery where various types of cosmetic dental procedures are displayed with patient before and after photos.