We will discuss some aspects of both social media activity in dentistry and some top dental blogs lists that are available.


Brookside Dental Bellevue WA Creates Beautiful Smiles

Brookside Dental Bellevue WA Creates Beautiful Smiles

The Bellevue Dentists at Brookside Dental in Bellevue WA have two blogs.

One is our main website dental blog which you are reading now and the other is a stand alone cosmetic dental blog devoted to various aspects, techniques, and methods of cosmetic dentistry.

Some information is similar on both blogs but there is considerable unique information on the two blogs. Brookside Dental was listed as a Top 10 Social Media Dentist by Dental and Health News which was really great and kept us wanting to do more to interact on the various social media platforms.

The Dental and Health News social media list will obviously change from year to year as the 2011 dentist list is understandably quite different from the current 2018 list. We are active and intend to stay active on Twitter & FaceBook in addition to several other social media sites.

We also have some nice You Tube dentistry videos posted regarding our dental practice and patient testimonials and hope to produce more dental videos.

In addition to following many interesting things in the field of dentistry, we have some favorite dentistry blogs that we follow, two of which are the Dental Heroes Blog and the South Florida Cosmetic Dentist Blog.

For general information about blogging we are big fans of Susan Gunelius on which we discussed on our stand alone cosmetic dentistry blog in a unique article.

Although not exactly a blog, my favorite dentistry information site is Animated Teeth. is a website that provides illustrated information for dentists and their patients covering a wide spectrum of dentistry topics with fabulous illustrations and photos.

We also follow the Modern Family Dental Daily by Dr Taj Haynes and regularly Tweet his articles. I recently saw an article that stated that dental offices should get their websites listed on every social media spot possible. I would have to agree with this statement to the extent that it is possible to do if time permits. However, it does take a lot of work.

Getting those listings will hopefully give your dentistry web site good quality social media back links which will increase your search engine rankings. But because of the large number of social media sites, each office will have to concentrate on where they want to place the majority of their emphasis and time. It appears most dental offices with a social media presence utilize Face Book and Twitter.


Due to being included as a Top 10 Social Media Dentist, we decided to do a search for “top” and “best” dentistry blogs available on the internet since all of these top ten dentists have very nice blogs.   We found several lists that contained excellent dental blogs.  One of the best was Dental Heroes Fantastic 5 of which we were not included.  However, we have no quibble with those selected as they are all excellent blogs about dentistry.

We were pleasantly surprised to find several dentistry blog listings that had us ranked as one of the better dental blogs to read.  We were not on a couple of the health care blog lists, but we were happy to find us listed on five different lists of top blogs in the dentistry field.

  1. 8 Dental Blogs That Hit the Mark – this 2012 article notes 8 Top Dental Blogs as listed by Maverick Social Media that hit the mark according to them.It was the first mention of our Brookside Dental Blog that we found in a list of top dentistry blogs.  Referring to our site, it was stated, “This [Brookside Dental] is a dental website that has incorporated both blogging and video.Topics are interwoven and design is very clean.”  We are honored to be on this list compiled by Maverick Social Media, since is also on this list and is one of our favorite dental blog sites.

    The Maverick Social Media Site has some really excellent articles for website development and placement, so we encourage you to visit their site.

  2. Meet the Top 5 2010 Dental Blog Award Winners – in 2011 an article was published regarding the Top 5 Dental Blog Award Winners by the Free Dentist Finder website.They indicated that these “[Top 5 Blog] Awards were made by Medical Billing and Coding, and evaluated by their panel of judges.”  They state that, “This is the blog of Dr Cynthia Pauley, a family and cosmetic dentist has recently been listed a one the Top Dentists for 2010-2011 by USA top dentists website.”She and her husband, Dr Brian Cave, were both named Top Dentists in 2011-2012 by the USA top dentists website.  Additionally, they were both selected as Top Dentists for 2012 by the Seattle Met Magazine.

    The dentists at Brookside Dental in Bellevue Washington consider it a wonderful honor to have been selected as a top dental blog award winner by Free Dentist Finder.

  3. Top 50 Blogs Covering Dental and Oral Health – in 2010 there was published an annotated listing of the Top 50 Dental Blogs by Masters in Public Health which cover dentistry and oral health.Brookside Dental Bellevue is listed as the number five blog in their Top 50 Listing of blogs.  They state that our bellevue dental blog is, “The mother-daughter team of dentists at Brookside Dental post informative articles to help current and prospective patients learn more about dentistry.”This list of 50 blogs is truly a cornucopia of dental information and should by good reading.
  4.  50 Best Blogs in the Dentalsphere – an article in 2010 has an annotated listing of the 50 Best Blogs in Dentistry as published by the Nursing Schools Website.The Brookside Dental Blog is listed as one of 13 blogs in the dentists section that focuses on specialties, where they state, “These dentists discuss cosmetic and preventive dentistry.”Their 50 listed blogs are separated into the following categories: General; Advice & Resources; Technology; Dentists; and Specialties.  This listing of 50 blogs provides an abundance of dentistry information.
  5. Are there Any Good Dental Blogs – this is a unique list of 10 dentistry blogs compiled by a dental student who wanted to see how a dental blog might be composed upon degree completion for a new dental office.It states, “I did a simple search…Based on the relevance of recent entries, the design, and the quality of writing, here are some of the best…”  This dental student has only 10 top dentistry blogs listed in this educational posting.Regarding Brookside Dental in Bellevue WA it states: “This blog is also linked to a dental practice website. [They] provide information regarding their practice and, like Dr O’Neill [previous blog listing], services offered as well as general topics in dentistry and patient education.

    I prefer the layout of this [Brookside Dental] site to the one listed above [Dr O’Neill].  It is easy to read, and I feel the opinions/information offered are balanced and reflect current trends in dentistry. Nice site.”

That list really makes us feel good and that this aspect of our Bellevue Family and Cosmetic Dentistry practice is serving a useful purpose.

It also tells us that we are getting some very good information in front of people reading about dentistry.  Our goal is obviously two-fold to help inform and educate our patients and also to present interesting material to members of the dentistry community.

In addition to our blog, we try to make our entire website a site with current information about dental methods and techniques which are well illustrated with photos taken in our office of our patients and staff.

Please visit our website at for other information.  Also, you can follow us on Twitter: @Bellevuedentist.