Although much of the younger patients in the dental office cooperate and are manageable without requiring sedatives, a high number of children can’t tolerate dental care without the usage of this class of drugs. Sedatives have primarily been used for the younger population in dentistry’s past, but today a large number of adult patients are using these drugs to help them relax during long appointments or simply to help relieve anxiety they may have about dental treatment in general.

The most common aspect of dental care that gives patients anxiety about their treatment is anesthetic injections. Many patients develop a fear of needles at a young age that never ceases to be a source of high amounts of fear. Some patients even avoid seeing the dentist altogether for years on end simply because of their fear of injections. These are the patients which should be considered the most proper candidates for sedation, although for those that simply find long appointments to be very draining and painful it may be considered an option per their request. Common drugs used for sedation included chloral hydrate, Phenergan, and Vistaril used in combination or solely. Nitrous Oxide is the most common form of inhaled sedation and is highly effective in the mildly apprehensive patient.

Brookside Dental most frequently chooses Nitous due to that fact that most of his patients feel most comfortable with that method usually because they have used it before in their lives.