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A Bellevue Dentist Second Opinion

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You should get a second opinion on complex dental problems from your Bellevue Dentist or Seattle Dentist. This is an important decision because it can clarify the situation for the patient. Often, when a patient asks for a second opinion, it is either because they do not trust the dentist, they have doubts about the best techniques for treating the dental condition, or they think that the cost of the procedure is too expensive. Bellevue Dentists or Seattle Dentists sometimes will request a second opinion from a dental specialist to obtain more information regarding a problem. The patient also may need additional information, in which case your Brookside Dental dentist will often refer them to a specialist for an additional opinion. The patients are always free to ask about an additional secondary opinion if they would feel they need that information.

If people have gone to the same dentist for many years, they will trust their Brookside Dentist and show up promptly on time for appointments with a cooperative attitude. However, when a patient begins to visit a new dentist, there is no past relationship to draw upon and problems may arise. The patient may perceive a lack of competence by the new dentist. If this occurs when the new dentist is presenting a large or complicated case treatment plan, it may be a good idea for the patient to get a second opinion. Patients should only initiate dental treatment when they feel comfortable and confident in their dentist. At Brookside Dental, the dentists often give a second opinion for treatment plans developed by other dentists. In fact, Dr. Patricia Pauley has been a consultant for Washington Dental Service for over 25 years, giving expert second opinions for patients whose dentists submit predeterminations for dental work to this large Washington State dental insurance company. Often our patients will bring their relatives in to Brookside Dental for a second opinion from one of our dentists regarding a treatment plan developed by another dentist. When relatives come in for a second opinion, there are always two main questions that come up during the second opinion review. These are:

  1. Is this amount of dental treatment actually necessary?
  2. Is the price or fee that has been quoted fair or excessive?

We always give them a fair evaluation of these questions along with other information. We always explain to them that they should return to their current dentist to try and work with them regarding the treatment plan. We explain to them that is not ethical for us to treat them, since we have given them what we hope is an impartial evaluation.

Your Bellevue Dentist or Seattle Dentist may seek a second opinion when something very serious is suspected, such as oral cancer. In such situations, our patients would be referred to an oral surgeon for diagnosis, treatment options and recommendations. Teamwork between the Brookside Dental dentists, other specialists, and the patient may be critical in achieving the best possible dental or medical outcome. At Brookside Dental, we frequently get second opinions from oral surgeons, periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists, and medical ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists.

Unfortunately, there are some instances when a second opinion does not prove helpful. This often occurs when the patient’s acceptance of the dental treatment plan is based entirely on a fee that they find satisfactory rather than the type and quality of the work itself. They may seek out multiple opinions and get several. This may not be in the patient’s best interest to accept the advice of a dentist who may tell them what they want to hear, particularly if it conflicts with several other good quality opinions.

Sometimes, less treatment is the best alternative. If you have concerns about a dental treatment plan that has been presented to you, we will gladly give you a second opinion based on our many years of experience in both cosmetic dentistry and general family dentistry. You can contact us at Brookside Dental 425–643–2818.