Seattle Met Magazine Top Dentists 2013 Selections

Seattle Met Magazine Top Dentists 2013

Seattle Met Magazine Top Dentists 2013 Dr Brian Cave, Dr Cynthia Pauley, Tyler and Jordan

Dr Cynthia Pauley and Dr Brian Cave, a husband and wife dentistry team at Brookside Dental, Bellevue, Washington, have been selected Seattle Met Magazine Top Dentists 2013 by a vote of dentists in the Seattle, WA, metropolitan region.  Inclusion in the Top Dentists list for 2013 by Seattle Met Magazine is the third year in a row that they have been honored for their outstanding dentistry work.  We recently sent out a top dentistry press release regarding this honor.  Their professional listings are available in the Top Dentists section of the magazine website at  with additional dentistry information also available on the magazine website.  The additional information includes a variety of things such as the article with the 2011 list regarding eliminating gummy smiles.

Inclusion in the Seattle Met Top Dentists List is based on an extensive survey of dental professionals in both the general dentistry and specialty dentistry fields.  To create the Top Dentist 2013 list, Seattle Met sent ballots to all dentists listed online with the American Dental Association as well as other local dental societies in King, Snohomish, Kitsap, and Pierce counties. These ballots asked dentists the question, “If you had a patient in need of a dentist, which dentist would you refer them to?” Each general dentist and dental specialist was given the names of many nearby practitioners from which to select their choices for top dentists.  Additionally, they also had the opportunity to write in nominations of dentists they thought were worthy of selection but were not on the lists sent to them.  Each general dentist evaluated specialists and each specialist evaluated general dentists whose work she or he was familiar with based on years of experience, continuing education, chair-side manner with patients, use of modern and new techniques and technologies, and of course the physical dentistry results and appearances. The reason for this method of voting is that dental specialists usually see the work of many general dentists that refer patients to them for specialty dental treatment.  Alternately, general dentists will evaluate the work of various dental specialists as they decide which of these doctors are going to provide the best dentistry care for their patients in the various specialty disciplines. Therefore both groups are able to comparatively evaluate members of the other group.

Dentists with the highest average ratings were vetted for active licenses and good standing with the Washington State Department of Health before being selected and placed on the final list. The listings of the Top Dentists in the Seattle Region were published in the January 2013 issue of the Seattle Met Magazine.  To be included on this Top Dentist list is considered a very significant honor, because listings cannot be purchased and no fee is required for inclusion on the Seattle Met Magazine list.

Both dentists were previously selected to the Seattle Met Magazine Top Dentists 2012 List. Dr Pauley previously was selected by her peers for the Seattle Met Magazine Top Dentist List in both 2011 and 2012 in both General Dentist and Cosmetic Dentist categories.  Dr Cave was selected by his peers for the Seattle Met Magazine Top Dentist List for 2012 in the General Dentist and Cosmetic Dentist categories.  Selection for the 2013 Top Dentist List by both of these dentists in both General Dentist and Cosmetic Dentist categories is based upon the excellent quality of dentistry that these two dentists provide for their patients.  Dr Cynthia Pauley and Dr Brian Cave are passionate about designing beautiful smiles using modern cosmetic dentistry techniques as well as providing excellent preventative and restorative dentistry for the entire family.

In addition to 2013 Seattle Met Magazine Honor, these two dentists recently were selected to the usaTopDentists list for the third consecutive year as well as being awarded an Angie’s List Super Service Award for outstanding patient service and care. These both are considered to be very significant honors, because listings cannot be purchased for either of these awards and no fee is required for placement in the usaTopDentists list or for the Super Service Award.

Dentists on this select list usually attract many new patients who want the services of a top dentist. This is especially true for people that are planning to have new cosmetic dentistry work performed, because most dentists on this list have had extensive advanced training in the area of cosmetic dentistry. Both doctors have had extensive advanced training in cosmetic dentistry. Dr Cynthia Pauley and Dr Brian Cave can create beautiful smiles with either a small smile change or a complete smile makeover. They have advanced specialized training in the areas of anterior esthetics, full mouth cosmetic restoration, dental implants, porcelain veneers, anterior composite fillings, posterior composite fillings, porcelain crowns, cosmetic dental bridge work, teeth whitening and occlusion evaluation. Both Dr Cindy and Dr Brian have a complete approach to smile artistry, including the use of an on-site porcelain artist.

Additional information about these dentists may be obtained on their website at or on their dentistry blog.  Examples of the beautiful dentistry these dentists have done for people may be seen by going directly to their website Smile Gallery at where various types of cosmetic procedures are displayed with before and after photos.