The Seattle Family Dentists and Bellevue Family Dentists at Brookside Dental deliver the highest quality of dental care to all members of the families that visit us at our relaxing and modern dental facility. Although a large percentage of the American population doesn’t have access to family dental care for regular check-ups, dental hygiene, and basic restorative dental procedures, the wonders of modern dental techniques are reducing tooth decay in large portions of the younger population. Thanks to better dental habits, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants, 55 percent of school-age children in America have no cavities at the present time. The dramatic drop in cavities among children with regular dental care also highlights the limited reach of modern dentistry in some segments of the population. Among low-income children, there are an estimated 80 percent of these kids that have untreated tooth decay. See the following article,

Young patients that are from families where the parents are well educated, affluent, and have good nutrition are most receptive to good dental care instructions and to preventative dental treatment such as fluoride application and dental sealants. Dr Patricia Pauley and Dr Cynthia Pauley have over 40 years of combined Bellevue Family Dental experience. They indicate that well over 90 percent of their current patients that have received sealant applications as children are cavity free as adults 15-25 years later. See our Brookside Dental Newsletter article, “Seal Out Tooth Decay”

Finding a good family dentist can be difficult for many people. People frequently find a Seattle Family Dentist or Bellevue Family Dentist by asking a friend, a relative, or a co-worker who they visit as their family dentist. The most common questions that anyone seeking a new family dentist should ask are:

  • Trust: do you trust your family dentist?
  • Communication: are you able to talk freely with your family dentist?
  • Comfort: are you comfortable with the dentist and other staff members?
  • Compassion: does your family dentist understand your dental concerns?
  • Quality: is the dental work and the services provided of excellent quality?
  • Peer Recognition: what is the stature of this family dentist among other dentists?
  • Cost: are the dental fees fair, not cheap necessarily, but fair?
  • Office: is the dental office modern, clean, relaxing and comfortable?
  • Appointment Date: good dentists will be busy, so the wait may be awhile!

Frequently, people will look at several dental Internet web sites to evaluate and pick their new Seattle Family Dental-care provider for all of their family members. Most dental practices offer free consultations for large cosmetic cases so that you can sit down and discuss any issues or concerns that you may have before proceeding with treatment. However, for routine exams and hygiene appointments, most offices will simply schedule you into the next available appointment time. Remember, the very good dentists will most likely be busy. So, unless you have an emergency (pain, swelling, or bleeding), don’t expect to get an appointment in the next day or two. See our patient testimonials at and “Quality Dentistry at Brookside Dental”in our newletter

Here at Brookside Dental our Family Dentists ensure that the families they provide oral care and hygiene services to always receive the highest standard of care and quality of treatment by using high quality dental materials and dental labs, maintaining a superior staff, and keeping updated on the most recent developments and technologies in dentistry. If you would like to schedule an appointment or a consultation with one of our Seattle Family Dentists or Bellevue Family Dentists at Brookside Dental please call our office at 425-643-2818.