At Brookside Dental your Seattle Dentists and Bellevue Dentists, Dr. Patricia Pauley, Dr. Cynthia Pauley, and Dr. Carrie Magnuson, and their entire staff recognize that everyone would like the results of their Cosmetic Dental procedure or Extreme Makeover smile change to look natural. Everything about our office is designed to relax you and reflect the natural environment. We have large overstuffed chairs in the reception area, a cozy fireplace, a refreshment bar with several beverage choices, and spectacular bouquets of fresh flowers are always present. Of course our exceptionally pleasant, knowledgeable and caring staff is always ready to assist or answer any questions. We use scented candles to give a delightful aroma to the air, a large choice of movies is available, and we have large oversized operatories that all look out through large picture windows at a natural wooded scene punctuated by the serenity of beautiful Kelsey Creek. Most of our patients totally relax during their dental visits to Brookside Dental because of the pleasant natural relaxing atmosphere that we offer both inside and outside of the office. It is the rare exception that a person coming to our office would need any type of sedation. Be sure to take our virtual office tour at:

When your Seattle Dentist or Bellevue Dentist creates a beautiful new smile or extreme makeover for a patient, it is essential to complement the structure of that person’s face and mouth. At Brookside Dental, the dentists do a careful and thorough evaluation of the cosmetic dental options available, which includes a digital imaging projection of the proposed smile changes. With our state–of–the–art software, we can take a patient through the various stages of smile transformation, from their current appearance to their completed new smile or extreme makeover. These potential changes in a person’s appearance can be seen and evaluated before any type of treatment is initiated. This gives the patient the opportunity to determine if the potential look exhibited with the camera and software will be natural and what they are expecting. If the patient would like to see different tooth appearances and smile enhancements, these can be demonstrated by the dentists. See Brookside Dental articles on The Architecture of Your Smile and The Esthetics of Veneers: More to having a healthy smile.

To schedule your visit with us at Brookside Dental, call 1–425–643–2818. One of our friendly staff will be glad to answer your questions or set up an appointment for a complete evaluation with your Seattle Dentist or Bellevue Dentist. We use only the latest state–of–the–art equipment for all cosmetic dental procedures. Our dental laser is used to beautifully contour gum lines. Our in–office one–hour teeth whitening process will give you a bright white smile. Whether you need cleaning, whitening, or replacement of your teeth, we offer the best cosmetic dentistry options and the friendliest staff available in the dental field.