The Seattle Cosmetic Dentists at Brookside Dental utilize a wide variety of techniques to create beautiful smiles that will change your life. A new smile will change both you own self-image and your image among friends, relatives and work associates. These image altering techniques include Seattle Porcelain Veneers, Seattle Tooth Whitening, tooth contouring, gum sculpturing and crown lengthening, non-metal composite fillings that are tooth-colored, dental implants, tooth bonding, closing gaps between teeth, all porcelain crowns and bridges, cosmetic orthodontia and full mouth Extreme Makeovers. If you are not sure what type of cosmetic dental enhancement you want done or need, the cosmetic dentists at Brookside Dental will discuss various cosmetic procedures with you and show you what you can expect from your new smile. We are committed to delivering the highest standard of cosmetic dental care and to creating the best smile possible to enhance your life. See our testimonial page of satisfied patients at

It used to be that most people only saw beautiful smiles on movie stars and other famous people. However, today these amazing smile changing techniques are available to everyone at very reasonable costs. As far as changing your appearance and acquiring a more youthful look, your new smile from Brookside Dental may be the ultimate facelift. Optimal dental health is our goal for every patient and this includes a beautiful smile. Many people consider a full cosmetic surgery facelift but do not think about upgrading their teeth and smile. With the various techniques available to your Seattle Cosmetic Dentists, the option of a new smile is something that everyone can attain.

Although some people may need a complete Extreme Makeover to get the smile they want, cosmetic dentistry can give you an image-changing smile with something as quick, inexpensive, and painless as Seattle Tooth Whitening or 1-hour Zoom teeth whitening. Sometimes as simple as the bonding on two teeth to close a space between them is all that is needed for a gorgeous smile. Regardless of which type of cosmetic dental techniques are used to give you that youthful, bright-white smile you want, the dentists and staff at Brookside Dental are committed to making your visit with us successful. As your Seattle Dental care specialists and Bellevue Dental care specialists, we will make your time with us relaxing, pleasant, and rewarding. A new smile should be considered as a cost effective investment in your future and your overall oral health.

The following are some of the reasons to consider a smile change by either your Seattle Cosmetic Dentist or Bellevue Cosmetic Dentist specialists:

  • Image Changing beautiful smiles that could change your life
  • Minimal Pain in cosmetic dental procedures compared to cosmetic surgery facelifts
  • Short Surgical Recuperation using post surgical care guidelines
  • Investment in your future and your oral health
  • Relaxing Environment for beautiful new smiles in a setting overlooking tranquil Kelsey Creek in a park-like environment
  • Brookside Dental Patient Testimonials speak to the high quality of the Cosmetic Dental treatment options presented to our guests

Give us a call at 1-425-643-2818 to schedule an appointment with a Seattle Cosmetic Dentist. You will find the professional staff at Brookside Dental to be warm, friendly, and expertly trained to make your experience a pleasant one. For more information, you may also email us at