Your Brookside Dental dentist may have to tell you that you need a root canal performed on a tooth. This historically has been one of the most fear–provoking things a patient could hear from a dentist. These fears usually are not based on any personal experience. The horror stories and the stigma associated with root canal probably date back in history to when little or no anesthetic was available for use while doing this type of dental procedure.

In some cases patients may actually have had a previous bad experience during root canal therapy. Other people may remember that their root canal took several hours and possibly multiple visits to complete. The time required to perform a root canal has been greatly reduced with the introduction of modern technology and excellent anesthetics. Most of the potential discomfort of root canal therapy can generally be eliminated with good anesthesia and the fact that the root canal procedure can be completed in only one visit to your Seattle Dentist or Bellevue Dentist. Root canal therapy generally takes about 30 to 60 minutes. Front teeth, such as incisors and premolars, take about 30 minutes to complete, while the back teeth, or molars, usually take about one hour. Slightly longer appointments may occur if their are unforseen complications during your root canal appointment.

The new technology for root canal therapy allows rapid shaping of the inside of the roots of the infected or problematic tooth. This is done with various versatile dental files that are mounted on low speed dental drills. Advances in how the roots of the of the infected or problematic tooth are shaped and how they are filled have greatly accelerated the speed of the general root canal procedure. It should be noted that root canal therapy also involves high quality and accurate work and speed alone is not necessarily a sign of good root canal work. Your Seattle Dentists or Bellevue Dentists may refer you to specialist called an endodontist to have your root canal work accomplished

The majority of root canals are completed in a painless manner and produce a highly satisfactory end result in almost all cases. Because of these facts, it is difficult to understand why so many people still have such a fearful reaction when the words root canal are mentioned. A Seattle Dentist or Bellevue Dentist generally uses several methods to help alleviate pain during a typical root canal. These would include the administration of Ibuprophen before treatment, the use of long–acting anesthesia, numbing the inside of tooth after the anesthesia, application of topical anesthesia on the dental files during the procedure, placing a seditive in the treated canal, and administration of other medications such as Valium.

Once the root canal is completed, it is typical to experience some subsequent discomfort for a few days. Most patients find that over the counter drugs, such as Ibrupophen, are an effective containment of any post operative discomfort. Your Seattle Dentists or Bellevue Dentists can prescribe something more potent if necessary or desired to make you comfortable, or something to allow you to sleep if that is necessary.

You should ignore the old idea that root canals are painful, because today painless, one–visit root canals are performed. If you have any sensitivity or pain in your teeth please call us for an immediate examination. We can be contacted at Brookside Dental 425–643–2818.