The Pierre Fauchard Academy is an International Dental Honor Organization that recognizes outstanding dentists from around the world. Dr Patricia Pauley DDS, Brookside Dental, Bellevue, WA, was inducted into the prestigious Pierre Fauchard Academy on July 13, 2006. Dr Pat Pauley was one of only seven new Dental Fellows from Washington State inducted into the Academy in 2006. The Academy celebrates the achievements of its members at the time of induction. There are only 132 Washington State dentists that are Dental Fellows in the Pierre Fauchard Academy. This honor recognizes the many years of dedicated service to the community and to dentistry by Dr Pauley. Dr Barry Feder, President, Washington State Section, Pierre Fauchard Academy, presented medals to the seven new Pierre Fauchard Washington State Dentists at the induction ceremony on July 13, 2006, in Seattle, WA.

The Academy seeks to support the highest ideals of dentistry throughout the world in both ethical and moral practice, through service to community, country and profession. The Pierre Fauchard Academy, founded in 1936 is comprised of fellows from around the world who have distinguished themselves in their commitment and support of educational, community and research activities within the dental profession. Through its Foundation, the Academy provides grants for a range of academic and public health projects and programs, as well as financial encouragement to dental undergraduate students.

Dr Pierre Fauchard (1678-1761), the father of modern dentistry, styled himself as a chirurgien-dentiste (surgeon dentist), the first practitioner to use this title professionally. He was responsible for developing some new and ingenious designs for dental appliances, which greatly improved the outlook for those patients unfortunate enough to require them. Patients traveled great distances to utilize his skills and services. He was a surgeon in the French Navy, following which he began working as a dentist in Western France. He read widely and studied crafts such as watch-making and jewelry-making, from which he adapted techniques and instruments that he felt were useful to dentistry. His unprecedented competency and conscientiousness earned him an outstanding reputation as a dentist of unparalleled skill and acumen. Dr Fauchard’s advice and talents were regularly in demand by some of the most accomplished surgeons of his time.

The practice of dentistry at that time had been stifled by jealousy, because dental knowledge and techniques were regarded as valuable property by the more competent and skilled practitioners, and were rarely shared with other dental colleagues. In a significant break with tradition, Dr Fauchard published a textbook in 1728 entitled Le Chriurgien Dentiste ou Trait des Dent (The Surgeon Dentist or Treatise on the Teeth) in two volumes of over 800 pages, which included many illustrations. In this way Dr Fauchard shared his considerable knowledge and wealth of observations with colleagues and students, describing his techniques with exceptional clarity and detail. Many of his suggestions were radical for dental practice in those days, but his practice of seating patients rather than having them lie down is still used today. Additional information about the Pierre Fauchard Academy may be obtained at www.fauchard.org .