Bellevue Family Dentistry

At Brookside Dental, we are passionate about Bellevue Family Dentistry.  As your Bellevue Family Dentist, treating the dental needs of the whole family is extremely important to us. As your trusted Bellevue family dentist and pediatric dentist in Bellevue, Dr. Pauley and Dr. Cave believe that your young one’s first dental visits can set the tone for a lifetime of positive appointments, and also set your child on the right track towards excellent oral health!

At your child’s first dental appointment, we strive to:

* Above all, Brookside Dental wants to make it a positive experience! We keep it fun, upbeat, and give them a reason to want to come back. We love establishing relationships with each member of the family.
* Enforce good oral health care habits. This is an important function of your Bellevue pediatric dentist and your family dentist in Bellevue. By clearly educating your children on the basics of good oral hygiene, Brookside Dental can make them advocates for their own dental health.
* Educate mom and dad at in the area of family dentistry in Bellevue. The entire highly trained dentistry team at Brookside Dental wants to give you the information and tools necessary to make sure great oral health is a priority for your children!

Rest assured, you can trust the dental health of every member of your family in the experienced and capable hands of the dentistry team at the Bellevue Family Dentists at Brookside Dental . If you’re looking for a caring pediatric dentist or family dentist in Bellevue to take care of your child’s teeth or any of your family members, look no further than Dr. Cynthia Pauley and Dr. Brian Cave. Contact us today; we look forward to hearing from you. Also, you can view our various dental procedures at