Dr Pat and Dr Cindy Cosmetic Dentists Bellevue, WA

Dr Pat and Dr Cindy Cosmetic Dentists Bellevue

I enjoy blogging and seeing what is on other dental web sites. I came across an interesting group of statements from a dental information site regarding peoples’ smiles that I thought would be of interest to our readers, regarding some recent dental survey findings. It was as follows:

  • 74% of people believe they have unattractive teeth
  • 68% of people are embarrassed about their smile in photographs
  • 45% of people judge others by the appearance of their smile
  • 70% of people think an attractive smile helps romantically
  • 92% of people think an attractive smile helps get a better job

The last item was not listed in the survey, but I have seen this stated in Dental Articles on several occasions so I included it here. The article stated that a “smile makeover” can be a positive step to addressing the above listed concerns and that it can improve a person’s confidence! This is often called an extreme makeover when all or most of the teeth are cosmetically altered in some way. With improved confidence, people often exhibit a tendency to find better jobs and make new friends, because a beautiful smile is the ultimate fashion and beauty accessory. If done correctly, a smile makeover should stay beautiful for many years and never go out of style. I don’t know for sure if the Smile survey was done in the United States or somewhere else. However, the same principles should be operatory regardless of what country or region that a person calls home. A British Cosmetic Dentistry site describes in user-friendly terms various techniques used in cosmetic dentistry and offers links to other sites that have cosmetic dentistry information.

You may want to consider altering or completely changing your smile if you do not think that you have an appealing smile. Consultation with a Cosmetic Dentist will give you the opportunity to evaluate how your smile can be made more beautiful. Today, there are a variety of modern techniques that can be used to change a smile that vary from the least expensive and fastest treatment of Tooth Whitening to much more involved and expensive treatments, such as extreme makeovers, which can be accomplished with a variety of techniques such as porcelain veneers and dental implants, which can be used to support individual or multiple crowns.

Please keep in mind that cosmetic dentistry results can vary even among highly trained professionals and also that it can be quite expensive – so please do your research thoroughly and ensure that you consult a trained professional that has experience in this area of dentistry. Always ask to see before and after photos of the doctors work. After you talk to the doctor, you will be able to tell if your expectations will be met. Chose the cosmetic dentist that you want to do the work based on how comfortable you feel with them as a person and how you perceive their work. Never make you choice based solely on the cost, because fees will vary among qualified individuals. Be aware that any dental insurance that you may have will cover very little if any of your cosmetic dental work, because strictly cosmetic dentistry is never a dental insurance benefit. If you have been in a serious accident and need cosmetic dentistry, then your medical insurance will usually provide the benefits that you need subject to the deductibles of the policy.

Dr Cynthia Pauley and Dr Patricia Pauley are highly skilled Cosmetic Dentists with extensive advanced training in cosmetic dentistry. They are located in Bellevue, Washington.