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The statement, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”, must have been made originally by a dentist doing Cosmetic Dentistry. There simply can’t be any field that this statement holds truer than in the area of cosmetic dentistry, where these photographs exhibit how almost anyone can have a beautiful smile. A new smile can be accomplished with minor enhancements such as tooth whitening, bonding or reshaping of one or more teeth. It also can be accomplished by major dental surgery often called an “extreme makeover.” Extreme makeovers can include porcelain veneers, non-metal crowns, dental implants, laser gum surgery, and tooth straightening. Whatever procedures a patient has done to enhance or makeover their smile, the end result of a more attractive and beautiful smile is the goal. The desire of most patients is not just a more attractive and beautiful smile, but a smile that is natural looking as well—that is where dental technique and artistic ability come together. This is where our new smile photographs have demonstrated that, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”, in our dental office at Brookside Dental.

About a year ago, Dr Gil Pauley started taking digital photos of the patients of Dr Cindy Pauley and Dr Patricia Pauley before they started any treatment and after their new smile treatments were finished. As Dr Gil’s ability with portrait photography has evolved, beautiful smile photographs of our own Brookside Dental patients have replaced the “stock photos” that used to hang on our office walls. Rarely in the past did patients ever ask about the stock photos that we had on the walls around the office. However, the photos of our own patients’ smile enhancement and makeover photographs have received a lot of attention and interest. Our staff takes pride in the fact that these are photographs of actual Brookside Dental patients. In fact it was two of our assistants that posed the question last year during a “brain storming” session, “Why don’t we have pictures of our own patients on the walls instead of stock photos, when we have done such excellent dentistry and we have some absolutely beautiful patients?” We print and use photos of various sizes between 8 x10 inches and 20 x 24 inches. Among the beautiful smile photos, we also exhibit our many course certificates, awards and honors, including “Chair Person of the Pacific Northwest Dental Convention 2000” (Dr Cindy), “Featured Alumnus University of Washington Dental School 2000” (Dr Pat), “Better Business Bureau ‘Small Business of the Year 2005’” (Dr Pat and Dr Cindy), “Seattle Magazine Top Dentist 2006” (Dr Cindy) and “Pierre Fauchard Academy Fellow 2006” (Dr Pat). Every one of these awards and honors is worth another Thousand Words each.

When all of the beautiful smile photos of our patients are combined with the various awards and honors that are displayed in our office and are added together, we have over 100,000 words on display if you consider that each award, honor and photograph is, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”. Each of these things gives Dr Cindy and Dr Pat credibility to do advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in the minds of the patients. That credibility in turn stimulates interest and acceptance from patients to have their Cosmetic Dentistry work done by Dr Cindy or Dr Pat. Both Dr Cindy Pauley and Dr Pat Pauley have had extensive advanced training in esthetic dentistry, including courses at the Las Vegas Institute for Cosmetic Dentistry and the ALTO Advanced Training Program in Esthetic Dentistry. Dr Cindy also taught Restorative Dentistry at the University of Washington Dental School for 12 years, where she was selected the “Outstanding Restorative Dentistry Instructor” in 1996. If you consider the certificates, awards and honors as a cake, then the patient smile photographs are truly the frosting that makes the cake beautiful and desirable.

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