Selecting Cosmetic Dentists for Beautiful Smiles

Brookside Dental Patient Beautiful Smile

Brookside Dental Patient Beautiful Smile

We briefly detail how to evaluate and select a cosmetic dentist to achieve a beautiful new smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Increasing Worldwide

Cosmetic Dentistry is becoming increasingly popular each year as we see pictures and videos of famous and well known people with beautiful smiles.  Dentists in the United States and many other parts of the world are performing cosmetic dentistry procedures at an increasing rate.  Cosmetic Dentistry includes a large variety of procedures and techniques that are used individually and in various combinations for the purpose of minor alterations, complex changes or complete makeover of your smile.  The later is often referred to as an extreme makeover smile.  A few years ago, we wrote an in depth article regarding how to choose a cosmetic dentist in another blog. It appears a good time to revisit this information since cosmetic dentistry is becoming such a popular topic.  Like cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry arena is made up of several different procedures and techniques which can be done individually or in various combinations with each other.  These cosmetic changes to your smile may involve procedures performed on both your teeth and gums to acquire the smile that a person desires.  Tooth whitening, bonded fillings, dental implants, porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns are the most common types of cosmetic dentistry procedures and techniques that are performed.

Cosmetic Dentist Selection

Selecting a qualified cosmetic dentist requires careful and in depth consideration regarding the cosmetic dental work that you want to have performed, because Cosmetic Dentistry is not a recognized specialty of American Dental Association. Because of this, there is no neutral or unbiased referral system in place to assist you as a patient with the selection of a qualified cosmetic dentist. Most cosmetic dentistry procedures usually are not paid by dental insurance plans, although dental insurance may pay a portion of the restorative work done on a single tooth if the work is not strictly cosmetic. Keep in mind that consultations with several different cosmetic dentists probably will yield several variations and differences of opinions on how you can obtain a beautiful new smile as well as differences in the price to accomplish your desired smile changes.

Cosmetic Dentist Referrals

There are referral agencies that will suggest a “cosmetic dentist” for you. Also, there are several well-known cosmetic dentistry training organizations that have lists of qualified dentists that have completed their course work. However, keep in mind that these agencies, groups and organizations usually only recommend dentists that have either paid to take all of their specific courses or that have paid them an advertising fee. A very excellent dentist may take advanced training in cosmetic dentistry with several different groups, but may not be listed with any of the groups because they didn’t complete all of the course work.  However, they would be highly qualified to do excellent cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, it is very important that you investigate the level of cosmetic dental experience that a dentist has attained.  You should try to gather as much information as possible before or shortly after having a consultation appointment with the dentists of your choice.

Consulting with a Cosmetic Dentist

When you consult with a cosmetic dentist you will want to know what types of advanced courses they have taken in cosmetic dentistry. You will want to see photographic examples of both before and after work that they have performed using a variety of procedures and techniques. Other things you will want to know are how long they have been doing cosmetic dentistry and what types of procedures they have done.  Remember to be aware that your individual results may vary depending upon the skill level of the dentist that you chose. After you examine before and after photos of previous patients, be sure that the photos are of actual patients that the dentist or their associates have treated.  You should also ask what particular procedure or procedures were done on each of the cosmetic dentistry patients that you are viewing. Find out what dental technologies are used by the dentist and in the practice and what patient comforts are provided such as movies and music. These things will go a long way in determining if a cosmetic dentist is the right one for you.

Cosmetic Dentist Qualifications to Help Find a Qualified Cosmetic Dentist

·Verify the dentist’s dental education and degrees through your state dentistry board or the American Dental Association.
·Look for a dentist with specialized training in cosmetic dentistry.
·Find a dentist who has done significant cosmetic dentistry in his or her practice.
·Visit the website of the dentist for additional information.
·Look at before and after pictures of previous patients and at a variety of procedures.
·Know how long and under what parameters the cosmetic work is guaranteed.
·Check the standing and membership of the dentist with the Better Business Bureau.

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