Question: When I wake up, my tongue feels pasty and burns and my dentist in Seattle can not find anything wrong with my teeth or my gums. What could it be?

Answer: It sounds like you may have a case of “burning mouth syndrome”. This is an ailment brought about by a number of different factors, diabetes, including Vitamin B deficiency, dry mouth, iron deficiency, a fungal infection, hormonal imbalances, or different types of trauma, possibly from certain dentist in Seattle procedures. It would be wise to see an oral surgeon as well as your family doctor for a full diagnosis, which my include blood tests.

If the cause of the disorder is found to be a nutritional deficiency, the burning mouth syndrome can sometimes be cured by replacement of the missing dietary component(s). If it cause by a fungal infection, certain antifungal drugs can help cure the infection. In some cases, the disorder has more than one cause, and a combination approach may be necessary. When a cure can not be found, topical anesthetics or steroids are sometimes helpful in reduction of the burning sensation.