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Is Teeth Whitening Safe? Here’s What You Need To Know!


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We all want a bright, sparkling smile for all those fabulous summer get-togethers! However, if your teeth are less than lustrous, you might consider professional teeth whitening to get your smile camera ready. But, before you choose a teeth whitening option, there are a few important things you need to know:

First things first: Talk to one of our dentists before making an appointment for a whitening treatment.

Before you decide to whiten, it’s a good idea to visit our Bellevue dentists for a thorough cleaning and exam. They will need to treat any existing problems with your teeth and gums before you whiten, such as cavities or any other unseen dental problems needing treatment. Additionally, we can help you choose the best whitening solution for your specific goals and desires.

According to the American Dental Association, “A thorough oral examination, performed by a licensed dentist, is essential to determine if bleaching is an appropriate course of treatment. The dentist and patient together can determine the most appropriate treatment.”

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

The active whitening ingredient in most whitening treatments is usually hydrogen peroxide, which, according to many studies, is considered to be safe. When used as directed, at‐home whitening treatments are considered to be safe. However, since they’re not custom‐fit to your smile, they could irritate your gums or cause tooth sensitivity. Professional bleaching solutions are stronger than over‐the‐counter options, meaning you can achieve a whiter, more stunning smile in less time.

(A note of caution: Nursing or pregnant women and individuals with untreated tooth decay or gum problems should not use whitening products.)

Talk to our Bellevue dentists to find out which teeth whitening option is right for your smile. Book your next cleaning appointment by dialing (425) 643-2818 or contacting us online and take the first step toward your bright, white, summer smile!

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