Bellevue Dentist Diet Candy Information

Bellevue Dentist, Dr Cynthia Pauley, notes that diet candy may be a problem, according to a recent study by Dr Sok-Ja Janket a professor at Boston University in the School of Dental Medicine. The information was summarized in the Readers Digest (February 2012). It indicates that sugar-free candies may be hard on your teeth. The investigation indicates that both sour and fruit flavorings in candy may interact with the sugar-free sweeteners to cause additional acid inside the oral cavity which can both weaken your teeth by enamel erosion and stain your teeth by turning them yellow. The biggest candy problems are those types that dissolve very slowly in your mouth such as flavored suckers and hard candies because they give the acid more time to attack the teeth. In an earlier blog we pointed out the potential problem of acid erosion on child teeth when too much acidic juice is given to children without properly neutralizing the acid subsequent to drinking the juice. We also have discussed a number of things that will cause teeth to be stained or discolored as well as solutions to problems associated with whitening teeth which help avoid problematic situations.

Dr Janket indicates that chewing gum with artificial sweeteners is the least problematic item because it stimulates saliva and swallowing which can assist in removing any harmful acids that erode teeth. The doctor states that the least harmful hard candies are those that contain any of the mint family as flavoring–spearmint, peppermint and wintergreen–as well as butterscotch flavoring.

Dr Pauley, a noted Bellevue Dentist, recommends that you rinse well with water after eating any type candy and brush your teeth as soon as possible. These two things will assist in preventing potential problems associated with candy of all types.  Additionally, it is recommended that you visit your Bellevue Family Dentist twice yearly to detect any tooth problems at an early stage.

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