Beautiful New Smiles with Cosmetic Dentistry are exhibited on the walls of our dental office at Brookside Dental. For the last year, Dr Gil Pauley has been taking portraits of our many Cosmetic Dentistry smile makeovers and smile enhancements along with before and after close up photos of these beautiful new smiles. Many of these beautiful portrait photos are now gracing the walls of our halls and clinic areas at Brookside Dental. Dr Gil has also assembled two books that exhibit our patients’ beautiful new smile enhancements and makeovers. Current smile photos, including both before and after pictures, are being taken using digital photography. However, many of our more dramatic Cosmetic Dentistry before photos were taken using a Polaroid camera, because Dr Cindy Pauley and Dr Pat Pauley have been creating beautiful smiles for many years. We are photographing current patients using the format prescribed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which involves a large number of photos taken at different angles and orientations. We have only recently been hanging our patients’ beautiful new smile pictures throughout the office and these photographs have gotten considerable attention and interest from our other patients. Many of our patients thought we had purchased photographs of models to hang on our walls and have asked, “Who are the models in the pictures?” or “Are these famous people in the photographs?” — Our hygienists and assistants quickly explain to them that they are “all” patients of either Dr Cindy Pauley or Dr Pat Pauley that have had beautiful new smile enhancements or smile makeovers at Brookside Dental. Both Dr Cindy Pauley and Dr Pat Pauley have had extensive advanced training in cosmetic dentistry, including courses at the Las Vegas Institute for Cosmetic Dentistry and the ALTO Advanced Training Program in Esthetic Dentistry. We get many patient testimonials regarding both our excellent cosmetic dental work as well as our beautiful patient portraits.