Dentist Issaquah Sports and Mouthguards Provide Needed Protection

Mouthguards For Sports And Sleep

Teeth are the hardest surface in the body and sometimes need protection from each other. Especially during contact sports, such as football, a player’s teeth can become seriously damaged without an appropriate mouthguard. Young athletes especially benefit from a sports mouthguard from an Issaquah area dentist at Bellevue’s Brookside Dental, and parents feel rest-assured with this protection. Additionally, nighttime grinding or clenching puts excessive pressure on teeth and jaws (up to 400lbs of pressure to be exact!). Brookside Dental is a comprehensive family dentistry office that proudly customizes both types of mouthguards for your protection.

Sports guards are as important as wearing a helmet for contact sports. Brookside Dental creates customized mouthguards right in the office. Our Issaquah area dentist allows you to focus on your sports performance, knowing your sports guard will stay in place and cushion your teeth with high-quality materials.

Night guards protect teeth during sleep, when some people subconsciously grind and clench. The jaws are very strong, and when held tightly together teeth slowly wear each other down or cause painful joint problems. A night guard will prevent tooth wear and alleviate a painful jaw. Since they are customized to perfectly fit your mouth, they are comfortable to sleep in, unlike many drug store boil-and-bite versions. If you want to keep your teeth in pristine shape or if you have porcelain veneers, you owe yourself the best mouthguard.

Keeping teeth clean and healthy is an important part of your dental care. Using a professional, custom-fitted mouthguard is another way to keep your teeth and jaw healthy. Call Brookside Dental’s dentistry office about mouthguards today.

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