Advanced Hygiene Visits

Family Dentistry Bellevue Advanced Hygiene VisitsActual Patient of Brookside Dental

There isn’t anything ‘routine’ about a dental hygiene visit from Brookside Dental. Our thorough Bellevue family dentistry practice uses advanced equipment to offer you the most comfortable and comprehensive cleaning. Oral cancer screening is a part of every visit, plus our digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras make it easy to get a clear picture of your mouth.

Oral cancer screenings (which are painless) are one of the services provided by each dentist in Bellevue, Dr. Pauley and Dr. Cave. Their dedicated approach to oral health makes their Bellevue family dentistry practice stand out.

Sealants Keep Cavities Out

Our commitment to preventative Bellevue family dentistry includes sealants. These are plastic resins that are applied to deep grooves and contours of teeth, and they are especially useful on children. They seal an area of a tooth where toothbrush bristles cannot reach, thus preventing a collection of bacteria which leads to decay. The increasing use of dental sealants along with fluorinated water and more frequent dental visits have helped reduce the national average of cavities, among children and adults.

Getting a sealant is painless, and the tooth can be protected from cavities for life. It’s easy to get long-lasting protection from cavities and decay – simply call Brookside Dental and inquire about sealants for children or adults – our proactive Bellevue family dentistry.


Enjoy Our Detailed Hygiene Care

Our digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras are painless procedures that provide wonderful detail. We love the accuracy of these technologies, which are both very comfortable to use. You can rest at ease, knowing Dr. Pauley and Dr. Cave are doing everything in their part to preserve your oral health.

Additionally, Brookside Dental has painless laser dentistry available. If you need a treatment that is possible with lasers, look forward to the ease of treatment and very fast healing!

Brookside Dental provides comprehensive care for family dentistry in Bellevue to Kirkland, Renton, Issaquah, Woodinville and Seattle, WA.