Dental Bonding

Cosmetic Dentistry Bellevue Bonding for a Flawless SmileActual Patient of Brookside Dental

Dental bonding makes it possible for anyone to have a flawless smile, free of gaps or abnormal tooth shapes. Bonding is an important part of Brookside Dental’s Seattle area cosmetic dentistry that matches beautiful form with practical function. Dr. Pauley or Dr. Cave apply tooth-colored composite materials directly onto your tooth, reshaping it or covering damage with a resilient and life-like surface.

Bonding is an effective solution that maintains your natural tooth structure. Here are some advantages of bonding:

  • Closing gaps (diastemas) between teeth
  • Fixing chips or cracks in teeth
  • Lengthening teeth
  • Restructuring teeth with attractive shapes
  • Providing even teeth whitening
  • Matching the color of other teeth with custom shading
  • Bonding is an affordable, minimally invasive restoration
  • The process is very comfortable, and usually completed in one appointment

When bonding is done by the qualified and experienced doctors at Brookside Dental, it is undetectable from natural tooth structure. This is because the composite resin can be various shades of white to perfectly match the surrounding teeth. Also, it is artfully applied, layer by layer, which lets light pass through the bonded area as it would a natural tooth. Bonding is effective at closing gaps, tooth cracks or chips and correcting discoloration. It is a safe, conservative restoration, because it preserves your natural tooth structure, while strengthening the integrity of teeth.

In addition to maintaining your finite tooth structure, bonding is much more affordable than porcelain veneers. Insurance may even cover some costs of bonding, if its purpose is restorative more than cosmetic. Usually, bonding can be performed on one Seattle area cosmetic dentistry visit at Brookside Dental. If you are getting a large bonding restoration, you may require multiple appointments. The process itself is very comfortable, and you will walk out with a beautiful smile! Even if you have bonding done on just one or a few teeth, the effects on your smile can be very powerful!

If you are considering your options for effective Bellevue cosmetic dentistry, Brookside Dental can help. We can discuss your concerns and explain your options, so call our dentist in Bellevue us today!

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