Smile Design: A Bellevue Makeover

Makeover Bellevue Actual Smile Design PatientActual Patient of Brookside Dental

There are several factors to consider when designing a new smile. But when it comes to aesthetics, our cosmetic dentistry provides a makeover for your Bellevue smile. Smile design is all about looking natural. Dr. Pauley and Dr. Cave will determine the tooth shapes and sizes that will both support ideal function and look great with your features.

Our doctors incorporate the following into your smile design:

  • Your dental goals and needs
  • Your facial shape
  • The size of your natural teeth
  • The color of your eyes
  • Your skin tone
  • Younger pictures of your smile
  • Pictures of smiles you admire

Smile design is a facet of Bellevue cosmetic dentistry that uses both a visionary eye and technical skill to offer you an amazing new smile. The smile must function well, so teeth remain strong and chewing and speaking are comfortable. Then, smile artistry includes the perfect shades, shaping and sizing of your newly designed smile.

Individuality is a large part of our smile design process. We make the process easy by previewing your new smile with wax mock-ups and answering all the questions you may have. Our office works for your satisfaction, so Dr. Pauley and Dr. Cave communicate closely with you to reach a shared goal for your smile, with no surprises along the way. Additionally, we have an excellent dental ceramist right at our dental office, who is available to make any adjustments to your dental restorations while you wait.

You deserve a smile that beautifully portrays you. Request your smile design consultation for a Bellevue dental makeover at Brookside Dental with Dr. Pauley or Dr. Cave today!

Brookside Dental provides comprehensive dentistry for a smile makeover in Bellevue for Kirkland, Renton, Issaquah, Woodinville and Seattle,WA.