Bellevue Dental Implants

 Dental Implants Bellevue Transform Smiles

Few dental procedures are as life-changing as dental implants. Bellevue patients love their ability to transform and complete their smile. They are the strongest tooth replacement method among restorative or cosmetic dentistry and garner a success rate of 90% or higher!

A dental implant starts with a titanium post that is surgically implanted into the jaw bone. After it has successfully fused to the bone, Dr. Cave or Dr. Pauley will finish the restoration by placing a beautiful porcelain crown on the implant post.

The implant post is placed by a trusted periodontist or an oral surgeon referred by Dr. Pauley or Dr. Cave. Their tight-knit communication will ensure your best final result, from the first surgical phase to the final restorative phase. The Bellevue dental implants process may seem like an overwhelming facet of dentistry, but our patients always find the process to be worthwhile! Our implant patients rave about having their chewing function and smile renewed, and it looks and feels as if they never lost a tooth in the first place.

Your complete satisfaction and the integrity of the implant are the most important factors for your Bellevue dental implants procedure from Brookside Dental. You can count on a compassionate experience for your dental implant, which will return the pleasure of eating and smiling to you!

Brookside Dental provides comprehensive dentistry for dental implants in Bellevue to Kirkland, Renton, Issaquah, Woodinville and Seattle, WA.